Thursday, July 2, 2009

ijango Partnered With Google and Stephen Smith of Excel

I was in Dallas last night for the pre-launch kick off meeting, amazing what this is going to do.

Once you see this site demonstrated you will be blown away. People will use this site in ways they never have used the internet before. The site is powered by Google, yahoo, and MSN search. Better than that the site is totally customizable and will allow the user to have the whole internet available on one site. iJango has partnerships with everybody including ebay, zappos, itunes and so many more.
Oh did I mention, the site is 100% FREE to use.

How do Google, yahoo, and Facebook make money, advertising revenue. Google for example made $5 billion in Q1 of 2009. Facebook has 200 million users.

Here where it gets really good. People will only be able to get the site from a distributor of the site. Once you become a distributor you will have a link
( ). When your contacts click on the link they will be sent to iJango and linked to you as a customer for FREE.
Every time they do a search, send a email or by a plane ticket they will be generating revenue. Ijango will pay a large percentage of that back to the distributors.

The other thing we will be doing is getting others to distribute the site as well. To become a distributor its a 1 time fee of $149.95 and $19.95 per month.
The $19.95 per month goes for back office support. When you sign up new distributors you will also be paid a portion of their sign up cost and everyone they sign up.

ijango ning network here

Starting today we are in the pre-launch phase, when you click on my link you will be directed to a video presented by the founder. You will also be able to sign up today and start working this yourself.
I do not have to tell you how fast things move today on the internet and when this thing launches on August 1st 2009 in Las Vegas its literally going to explode. Ijango will go viral and we will already be a part of it.
How many times in our lives to we have an opportunity to be part of something from day one? Today we have that opportunity for $150.

Do yourself a huge favor watch the video and sign up today. I really believe in this and know this is our chance of a lifetime.